A fantastic coffee station inside fantastic bakery, this is one of the best places for coffee in Los Angeles. Friendly baristas, consistent drinks and always a good line-up of coffee. Between the coffee here and the fact that Proof Bakery happens to be one of the best bakeries in L.A. -- croissants, chocolate chip cookies, you cannot go wrong -- is pretty much the reason why it's absolutely packed on the weekends.
3156 Glendale Avenue | Coffee: Heart Coffee Roasters, Coava [Proof's statement re Four Barrel]
To eat: Proof's pastries are justifiably famous; the croissants might be the best in the city. Simple but terrific sandwiches are brought out around noon; they sell out fast)
Nearby eats: Dune, Canele


Annie Choi (Found Coffee) and Kristine de la Cruz (Creme Caramel) have combined forces to create FrankieLucy, a "coffee + custard project" on Sunset Boulevard. You won't be surprised, then, to find terrific coffee here, as well as Creme Caramel's menu of custards and bread puddings and savories like quiches and sandwiches. The shop, by the by, is named after the co-owners' dogs :D
3116 1/2 W. Sunset Boulevard | Coffee: Peri Coffee, Demitasse Roasting
To eat: Everything on Creme Caramel's menu

The Oakland-based roaster's fourth shop is its biggest one in L.A. so far — a very pretty 2,500 square foot space in the Jensen's Recreation Center Building in Echo Park. The building is a historic one; it was built in 1924 and originally had a bowling alley; more recently, an indie boutique shop resided in the space where Blue Bottle is now (in fact, in the very back of the shop, you'll find a remnant of the shop's past: a decorated post beam distinctly not like the others). The space now hews close to the Blue Bottle aesthetic of light blonde woods and walls in bright white save for an exposed red brick wall. Same drinks menu as other Blue Bottle shops; the same pastries, too, plus waffles and toasts.
1712 W. Sunset Boulevard | Coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee 
To eat: Pastries
Nearby eats: Tacos Arizas, Xoia, Sage

Steve Hyun and Tommy Kim's Andante Coffee Roasters have opened second location on the corner of Sunset and Mohawk in Echo Park. This one is similar to its first shop right near The Grove: terrific coffee (especially most any coffee available on pourover), a big communal table and a few smaller tables. For the screenwriters, there are plenty of easily accessible plugs, along with wifi. It's nice to see Andante here in Echo Park: along with the fact that it's about time Echo Park gets another specialty coffee shop, Andante might be one of the most underrated roasters in town.
2201 Sunset Boulevard | Coffee: Andante Coffee Roasters
To eat: Larder pastries

A small coffee bar with a clear love for both coffee and motorcycles. If you're into flat whites, as seems to be the fashion these days, you'll find excellent ones here.
1532 Sunset Boulevard | Coffee: Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters
To eat: Pastries from Sugarbloom and Sugarbird Sweets & Teas
Nearby eats: Guisados

The second L.A. proper outpost of the local South Bay chain is in the former Downbeat Cafe.  All coffee is roasted in-house, and the shop consistently pulls solid espressos. Plus, there are fun drinks like the horchata latte.
1202 N. Alvarado Street | Coffee: Tierra Mia
To eat: Housemade pastries
Nearby eats: Tacozone (late-night only), Red Hill, Xoia