B TwentyFour is a corner shop (at Broadway and 24th, hence the name) from the folks who brought you on a stretch of Lincoln Heights that gets especially busy during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Meaning, then, you may as well pull over and fuel up here. There are a good number of seats if you'd prefer to stay instead; the coffee is good, there are affogatos, and sandwiches and salads to tide you over, too.
2223 N Broadway | Coffee: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, Ritual Coffee Roasters
To eat: Sandwiches, salads
To eat nearby: Carnitas Michoacan, El Huarachito


This little coffee shop tucked into Verdugo Road takes its name from Australian slang, as in "YEW LITTLE RIPPER!" when the Dodgers win, or you turn in a piece to an editor ahead of time, or evil health care bills don't get passed. You get the idea. As you can guess, then, the shop is an Australian-inspired one, with flat whites on the menu as well as jaffles. There's a standing counter inside; outside, a few benches and tables. A great addition to the neighborhood.
4155 Verdugo Road | Coffee: La Colombe
To eat: Cookies, muffins, toasts, granola
To eat nearby: Delia's



Monique Maravilla's coffee shop on the Figueora corridor of Highland Park is a lovely, friendly spot that has settled in with the neighborhood seamlessly. The shop has all your specialty shop standards — almond milk is offered at no extra charge — plus fun drinks like popsicles and cold brew floats and whatever else the crew is playing around with these days. A few weeks young, they already have a few events under their belt — they donated proceeds from their grand opening to a local elementary school; they held a fundraiser for Pulse in Orlando —  and there are yet countless more in the future. Should you wander in without something to do, there is a lending library right outside; recently on the shelves: Kate Chopin's The Awakening, Martha Stewart's Entertaining, a few back issues of People magazine. Something for everyone.
5537 N. Figueora St. | Coffee: Take Flight Coffee, Rose Park Roasters
To eat: Pastries from Creme Caramel, plus pop-up brunches and tamales

Brothers Alan and Alex Morales are behind this shop on Figueroa, though they're not new to coffee: the two got their start at Handsome Coffee Roasters (RIP) and, before finally opening this permanent shop, operated a mobile coffee cart around town. Their shop is a pretty one,  with high ceilings, handmade tiles and a long wood counter. 
5629 N. Figueroa | Coffee: Coava Coffee Roasters, Heart Coffee Roasters
To eat: Pastries and sandwiches and the like brought in from private event & catering company roomforty

Tierra Mia's 10th location is a smallish, decidedly neighborhood spot on Monte Vista and Avenue 56 in Highland Park, just above the busy of Figueroa and the Gold line tracks. If you're familiar with Tierra Mia, you'll know that the company roasts its own beans in Pico Rivera, that the cappuccino and horchata latte are fine choices, and that the baristas make fine pour overs. A good bet all around.
5528 Monte Vista Street | Coffee: Tierra Mia
To eat: Pastries and baked goods baked in-house

A nice, bustling shop on York Boulevard serving your specialty coffee standards, plus a few other very fun drinks like espresso con horchata. A few tables inside and outside; in the back, a little play area for the kiddies. If it looks vaguely familiar, it's probably because you've seen it on the tv before: it's the coffee shop where Maria Bamford hangs out with her friends, plus reviews credit scores with Dean Cain, in Lady Dynamite. If you're going to go over your FICO score with a potential partner, this is as good a place as any to do it.
5000 York Boulevard  |  Coffee: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
To eat: Pastries

A tiny coffee bar on York, with about enough space inside to fit half a dozen or so (and that's standing). Which doesn't mean that Collage is necessarily encouraging you to take your drinks to go; to the contrary, owner Phill Kim also happens to be make ceramics and accordingly has made the beautiful mugs you see atop the La Marzocco. Take the drink to stay, then, and duck outside for a minute to enjoy it proper.
5106 York Boulevard | Coffee: Ruby Coffee Roasters
To eat: Waffle on a stick, toasts, granola

Good Girl Dinette has a menu of filtered, cold brew and Vietnamese iced coffees -- as there is no espresso machine here, there are no espresso drinks -- that are all made with Counter Culture Coffee beans; you'll also find the roaster's retail bags on the shelves here in case you need to re-up your supply. Look for it on the shelf, near the bottles of Red Boat Fish Sauce. You'll also find a cascara cola here, which tastes quite surprisingly like an licoricey Dr. Pepper.
110 N. Avenue 56 | Coffee: Counter Culture Coffee (drip and cold-brews only)
To eat: This being a Vietnamese diner of sorts, you'll find great breakfast bowls, hashes, steak & eggs, chicken pho, French fries, banh mi sandwiches and terrific pot pies.