Lord Windsor opened in 2012, making it one of the earlier specialty coffee roasters to open in Long Beach (or in the greater Los Angeles area, for that matter). In this slick, slightly industrial setting, you'll find a forest green Diedrich roaster in the back and a long bar where you can sit down and watch baristas make pourover coffee and pull shots off of the La Marzocco. If nothing else, pop in to grab a cold brew, which is available in one of the coolest bottles around.
1101 E. 3rd St., Alamitos Beach | Coffee: Lord Windsor Roasters

Rose Park got its start delivering its coffee by bicycle back in 2010; fast forward but a few years, and they now have a home base where they can park all their bikes. Their new shop, on the corner of 4th and Freeman, is a bright, lovely neighborhood space with cold brew on tap and seasonal lattes on the menu to mix things up. 
3044 E 4th Street, Rose Park | Coffee: Rose Park Roasters

Wide Eyes Open Palms — and yes, I'm also reminded of Friday Night Lights — was a fixture at Long Beach farmers market over the last few years, so it's great to see that they've found a place to permanently hang their shingle. In addition to the standard coffee menu, they also make a few signature drinks like cardamom spice lattes and drinks especially for your kids (hi, Honey Milk Steamy). The menu includes what has become the coffee shop standard fare of toasts and jams plus grain bowl.  These are all good things, by the way. Whatever you get, you can't lose.
416 Cherry Avenue | Coffee: Rotating; recently: Four Barrel Coffee Roasters, Kuma Coffee