You can be minimalist and fun, coffee people! Coffee for Sasquatch is minimalist and fun; walk in and there probably will be at least one person Instagramming a photo in front of the huge Sasquatch on the wall.  It makes you think that maybe the Sasquatch in the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin video was just out on a coffee run. Anyway. For a shop that doesn't have an especially big footprint, it uses the space well: a few well organized tables and seats, plus a seating area underneath that giant Sasquatch. The coffee for Sasquatch is solid, with some options (turmeric lattes, cubanos, affogatos, tea-gatos) going beyond usual.
7020 Melrose Avenue | Coffee: Ritual Coffee Roasters
To eat: Cakes and pastries, some vegan-friendly


From the Cormac McCarthy school of punctuation comes Go Get Em Tiger, a beautiful coffee bar on Larchmont helmed by Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski. What you'll find here and at G&B Coffee, the pair's other outpost located in Grand Central Market, are subtle, creative breaks from the standard coffee-shop model that no doubt will be emulated by others in the near future: A dominant long, standing counter. Baristas you flag down as you would a bartender. Espressos served with a sparkling tea rather than sparkling water. Beans from your specialty coffee standard Heart Coffee Roasters, but also George Howell Coffee. There are a lot of fun things happening within L.A.'s coffee world right now, but the most fun of all? Definitely watching Glanville and Babinski reconceive the idea of the coffee shop.
230 N. Larchmont Boulevard | Coffee: Rotating, but often includes Ritual Coffee Roasters and George Howell Coffee
To eat: A terrific food menu of waffles (which are terrific), sandwiches, salads and assorted pastries.
Next door: Salt & Straw, for your ice cream wants.

While you can argue that the specialty coffee shops cappuccino is the equivalent of an Australian or Kiwi flat white, there's something very nice about not arguing about nomenclature and simply going to a shop that actually has a flat white on its menu, and does it right. Thus you have Coffee + Food, an Australian-inspired shop that makes a terrific flat white -- and other drinks, if you're so inclined -- plus, as you would expect, food.
5630 Melrose Ave. | Coffee: House beans, based on the sort you'd find in Australia

Near the Grove -- but, importantly, not in the Grove -- is Andante Coffee Roasters, a spare cafe with little more than a drip bar, an espresso machine, a big communal table and a few stools here and there for seating. The folks here roast their own beans off-site, with the roast skewing toward the lighter side of the spectrum; of note are the pour-overs, which are consistently excellent.
7623 Beverly Boulevard | Coffee: Andante Coffee Roasters

Verve's third L.A. shop boasts a snazzy u-bar, bar and table seats and  an overall aesthetic that's as calming as a day hike through the Santa Cruz mountains. This is the first Verve shop to feature a Farmlevel Bar, which is part slow bar (pourovers are made here; learn about coffee and Verve's sourcing philosophy) and part Genius Bar (what beans to get your mom? Someone will always be here with ideas. Also: come here to troubleshoot all your home brewing problems).  In addition to the coffee and nitro cold brew on tap, the shop also serves up cold-pressed juices (+ 10 juice flight) from Juice Served Here.
8051 W. 3rd Street | Coffee: Verve Coffee Roasters
To eat: Pastries and other eats from Short Cake and Erin McKenna
To eat nearby: sweetgrean and Belcampo Meat Co. are right next door.

The Oakland-based roaster's third shop (so far) in Los Angeles is in Beverly Grove, on Beverly at Sweetzer. As you would expect from Blue Bottle, this is a pretty, spare shop, with all the coffees you've come to expect at a BB (single origin espressos, the L.A.-only Dandy blend, New Orleans-style iced coffee, etc.). Unlike the other shops thus far, this location sports a food menu that goes beyond pastries: toasts, Liege waffles, grilled cheese. Play like Bartleby and snag a stool facing the brick wall, or if you would prefer not to, there are stools in front of the large windows, too, as well as a handful of small tables and a large commuanl one. 
8301 Beverly Blvd. | Coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee
To eat: Blue Bottle's pastries, affogatos, toasts, waffles, grilled cheese sandwiches


If Polish jazz, reggae, soul funk and the like usually make their way to your Spotify playlist, there's a good chance you'll really, really like Hermano's. This is very much a neighborhood spot, one that pulsates with a ton of energy that you don't often see at other shops. Laptop warriors, note that this isn't a very big space — no seating inside, a long bench, a few tables and a standing counter outside. 
5616 San Vicente Blvd. | Coffee: Supersonic Coffee Roasters (espresso) + Stumptown Coffee Roasters (drip) | Tea: August Uncommon
To eat: Nicole Rucker supplies the goods

In this utterly beautiful space — it was Campanile's home before Republique moved in; Charlie Chaplin's office long before that — you'll find solid coffee served, along with breakfast and lunch and more pastries than one ought to eat in one sitting, starting at 8 a.m.
624 S. La Brea Ave. | Coffee: Verve Coffee Roasters
To eat here: Bread. Get the bread.