A lovely, lovely shop from Michelle and Ben Hantoot. As you would expect, the overarching conceit here revolves around dinosaurs, but in a way that's less Jurassic Park and more Land Before Time: cute stegosaurs logo, wavy boards hanging from the ceiling that one imagines fowould be the cute fins on said cute stegosaurs, etc. It's fun, the folks are very friendly, there's ample seating, and the coffees, tea and seasonal sodas are all solid. Add this one to your regular rotation.
4334 Sunset Boulevard | Coffee: Ruby Coffee Roasters
To eat: Friends & Family pastries, the occasional pie from Nicole Rucker, Guerrilla Tacos parks outsisde on Mondays
Nearby eats: The Kitchen, Garage Pizza

Ok, this isn't technically a coffee shop, but it's worth mentioning all the same: the North Carolina-based coffee roaster just opened a training center in a cool teal Art Deco building behind El Condor. Counter Culture, as you probably know, doesn't have any retail shops; these training centers, rather, are intended to be spaces that function partially as an office for CCC staff, as well as a place where wholesale partners can come in and train and where professional baristas can take classes. Thus you have areas in this open floor plan dedicated expressly to espresso, and to coffee brewing, and to machine repair. All that said, the center offer tastings to the public every Friday at 10 a.m. as part of its Tastings at 10 a.m. series, and there will be public brewing classes in the future.
1601 Griffith Park Blvd. | Coffee: Counter Culture Coffee
Nearby eats: Pine & Crane, El Condor, Tacos Delta

A small, spare shop in a busy strip mall, with a coffee menu that includes a few different espresso latte options (honey, vanilla, caramel), non-espresso latte options (matcha, chai, lavender), and a handy bar chart with the few flavor notes that actually are helpful in describing a brew: "Flavors" and "Boldness."  The shop is located in the same strip mall as The Village Vet, so watch out  for all the animals and their scared owners.*
2833 1/2 Hyperion Avenue
To eat: Pastries
(*me, I'm the scared owner; my shiba inu is a champ).
The first Intelligentsia location in Los Angeles, and probably the one worth going to if you're intent on visiting an Intelligentsia outpost. A beautiful shop, with some seats along the counter and tables in front. If you wanted to know what Silver Lake looks and feels like, sit here for an hour.
3922 W. Sunset Boulevard | Coffee: Intelligentsia Coffee
To eat: Pastries
Other nearby eats: Tacos Delta, Pine & Crane, Ricky's Fish Tacos

For those who like dark roasts and/or want a wholly different cafe experience in Silver Lake: this coffee "boutique" is decked out in the sort of plushy decor you'd expect to find on the Westside, and it was impressing Huell Howser with the ooh and ahh of siphon coffee long before most anyone else had specialty coffee beans, much less a siphon, on their bar.  Beyond the big menu of coffee drinks, there's also a big menu of food, teas and wine.
1636 Silver Lake Boulevard | Coffee: LAMILL Coffee
To eat: A whole menu of sandwiches and other lunch-ish offerings
Nearby eats: L&E Oyster Bar, Alimento


Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski's second location of Go Get Em Tiger (the first is on Larchmont; they also co-own G&B Coffee, in Grand Central Market in Downtown) is the stretch of Hollywood Boulevard between Yuca's and HomeState, right before you leave Los Feliz and venture into East Hollywood and Thai Town. Similar to the duo's other locations, you are to order your cortados and milkshakes and Business and Pleasures at the bar; unlike their two other locations, there's a full kitchen here. Chef Ria Wilson makes the most of it: the menu is full of tasty things like Adobo Grain Bowls and Steak and Eggs and Dutch pancakes. There's a pretty patio where you can have your coffee and your pancakes. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.
4630 Hollywood Blvd. | Coffee: Rotating; recently: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, Heart Coffee Roasters
To eat: See above
To eat nearby: Yuca's, Ricky's Fish Tacos. Also, Thai Town isn't very far away ...

Before it closed, Gelato Bar was a decent place to grab a cup of coffee, so it's somewhat fitting that the new occupant of the space also does coffee. And does it very, very well: Maru Coffee has a short menu of the espresso standards, plus a nice selection of pourovers. The decor is minimal and subdued, nice to catch up on some work or with friends.
1936 Hillhurst Ave. | Coffee: Rotating; recently: Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
To eat: Pastries
To eat nearby: Yuca's

The cafe formerly known as Twenty40 is now All Time. Tyler Wells has taken over the shop, and remodeled a bit: new tables,  more seating outside in addition to the bit of seating inside. There is, as there was before, 49th Parallel beans in the hopper as well as pastries done by the new team. The menu has opened up a bit to include things like salads and breakfast burritos. At the moment, All Time is open All Day, but it will eventually be a dinner spot as well.
2040 Hillhurst Ave. | Coffee: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
To eat: Really pretty pastries, sandwiches, salads, breakfast burritos
To eat nearby: Yuca's is right next door if you'd rather a burger and a cochinita pibil taco